My 18th Birthday Memory Box

This Summer I was eighteen and my parents gave me a box which my mom calls a ‘Dotey Dolly box’. Inside this box were items such as photos, clothes and souvenirs which they’d kept over the last eighteen years. I really enjoyed looking through them and I was delighted that they had kept them. So I decided… Continue reading My 18th Birthday Memory Box


Stationary Style for School Swats!!

As you are probably aware we are edging closer and closer to the ‘Back to School’ season. It’s really hard not to notice all the new school supplies coming into the shops especially when the stationary have bright pastel colours and designs. I myself love stationary and I love buying new notebooks, pens and pencils for the new school year. It’s a… Continue reading Stationary Style for School Swats!!


Spain, having fun in the Sun!!

It’s summer season and everyone getting ready to go on holiday. Whether you’re staying in your own country or going abroad it’s always nice to take pictures and look back on them when you return. There’s nothing better than having great photos to remind you of how much of a relaxing and fun time you… Continue reading Spain, having fun in the Sun!!


Edel’s Summer Granola Treats

Like many people on a busy morning if I am in a hurry I can tend to grab the quickest and easiest breakfast without even thinking about it. During the summer when school and exams are over and we have a little bit more time to spare I like to make a more nutritious breakfast. […]

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‘Do-nut’ miss the opportunity to visit CREAM

I paid a visit to the recently opened ‘Cream’ located in Daunt Square in Cork city. Cream is a welcome addition to Cork’s culinary scene. Cream specialise in Artisan and superior quality ice-cream, donuts and coffee. All three products have a Cork connection. The coffee is roasted in Cork, by Cork Coffee Roasters and ground and brewed freshly in the shop… Continue reading ‘Do-nut’ miss the opportunity to visit CREAM


Ice Cream. Normal or Dairy Free. Something we can all Scream for this Summer!!!

Ice cream is one of my favourite treats. As we are approaching summer it seems to give us an excuse to eat more ice cream without feeling too guilty! However for those who are dairy free, an ice-cream free summer to me seems very difficult. I certainly wouldn’t be able to have a summer without… Continue reading Ice Cream. Normal or Dairy Free. Something we can all Scream for this Summer!!!


Some of my CLARINS Make-up and Skincare

In January I went to a CLARINS make up and skincare consultation.  I bought some products and thought I would show them to you.  I don’t have a detailed knowledge on skincare or make up, so I actually don’t have a big collection of products. I have the basic bits like foundation, powder, mascara, blush and eyeshadow etc, but a new foundation was… Continue reading Some of my CLARINS Make-up and Skincare


Mother’s Day Tea Gift For That Special Mum

Today I wanted to share with you how to create your own pretty little tea bags with loose tea and some fine wedding tulle. I thought this idea would be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift because every time your mom makes a cup of tea, she will be reminded of your kind gesture. I… Continue reading Mother’s Day Tea Gift For That Special Mum


Chocolate Tea at The Three Spoons

My mom and I are big fans of herbal tea and we drink it all the time. Green tea is my favourite especially with lemon. When my moms friend Martina mentioned that she bought chocolate tea I was very intrigued so I went out to hunt down this delicious sounding tea! The Three Spoons shop in… Continue reading Chocolate Tea at The Three Spoons