Back to school – Stationary

Back to school is just around the corner something I really dread to think of. It’s time to get books, uniforms and of course stationary all organized for September, or August really!!

I love being organized so I like to have my bag and stationary ready. As it’s nearly time to make that reluctant walk through the school gates for what I hope will be a studious year!! I decided I needed a full restock of all my school supplies and of course always trying to buy local, I went to Dave Moran Office supplies. DMOS is a local business at Unit 3 in the Glanmire Industrial Estate (near to Rive Gym). The shop as well as supplying office equipment and furniture also have a large range of everyday stationary such as pens, folders, refill pads, plastic pockets etc. I always like to keep a mid-year diary (September to July) separate from my school diary during the school year. It helps me to keep track of all the non school things I have to do and places I have to be. DMOS also sell these. I have been in the shop a number of times and Dave and the staff are always very helpful. The shop has everything you could possibly need for good quality and at a reasonable price.

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