Night, oops! Day at the London Museum

My mom Mary is a very busy person. She is always very kind and thoughtful so myself and my brother decided to surprise her with a day trip to two London museums. History is one of her favourite things so we took her to the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum. I wasn’t there before and found it interesting with loads to see and learn about. The Imperial War Museum was a real eye-opener especially the exhibition on the Holocaust which I found extremely sad.

We had a really great day and are looking forward to our next visit to London✈️

61760978_686889525103759_5814045603088302080_n (1)
Me, my mom and my brother Billy
Imperial War Museum
Hanging out with a few Egyptians in the British Museum
Ready to launch 10, 9, 8…
Myself & Alexander the Great
Edel phones home!
My mom really loved this room
Anyone for a cuppa?
Billy and the Philosophers (sounds like a band!!)
Imperial War Museum


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