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Go ‘loco’ for a Mexican Fiesta!

Towards the end of May we had a Mexican cactus fiesta ūüá≤ūüáĹ ūüĆģūüĆĶūüĎí We decided to go a bit ‘loco’ and made some Mexican inspired food. At home, Enchiladas are one of our favourite dinners to eat made with my mom’s homemade sauce. Complete with a few Margaritasūüćłūüćł

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Tropical Surf Party

At the very end of the summer, we decided to have an end of the summer birthday bash! Two of my brothers celebrated big birthdays this year, Danny turning 21 and Thomas turning 18. They decided to have a Hawaiian Tropical party. There was a lot of preparation involved for this celebration but we enjoyed… Continue reading Tropical Surf Party

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Haunted Vampire Halloween House

With Halloween this Wednesday, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the pictures I took of the Halloween party we had at our house Saturday night the 20th. We got our Halloween inspiration for the party from the film ‘Hotel Transylvania’ so we wanted to try and recreate our own… Continue reading Haunted Vampire Halloween House

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A Hand-ful of Lavender Goodness

  This September has been very different for me. I have just started college and everything is completely new.¬† I have a new routine, getting up earlier than usual in the morning for the bus is one of the tricky parts.¬† I am certainly appreciating more all the times my parents drove me to school!!!… Continue reading A Hand-ful of Lavender Goodness

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Super Joe’s 18th Birthday Party!

My brother Joe loves all things superhero. He was 18 a few weeks ago so I felt it was a good excuse for a surprise party and the theme of course was a no brainer!!¬† We managed to keep it a secret for a whole month while we made props and decorations. Homemade masks, capes… Continue reading Super Joe’s 18th Birthday Party!

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Christmas Caf√© in Aid of Muscular Dystrophy

My brother Danny raises money for a charity called Jump4Jerry.¬† Jerry who is seven years old has Muscular Dystrophy which is a rare muscle-wasting condition which is progressive, disabling and terminal.¬† This November Danny and my brother Thomas ran a charity Christmas Cafe to raise funds. It was a great day with¬†lots of friends and… Continue reading Christmas Caf√© in Aid of Muscular Dystrophy


Mother’s Day Tea Gift For That Special Mum

Today I wanted to share with you how to create your own pretty little tea bags with loose tea and some fine wedding tulle. I thought this idea would be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift because every time your mom makes a cup of tea, she will be reminded of your kind gesture. I… Continue reading Mother’s Day Tea Gift For That Special Mum


Christmas crafts with the Brownies using Recycled Materials.

My mom’s friend is a Girl Guide Brownie leader.¬†The troop, the Arbutus¬†Unit in Summer Hill North¬†very kindly asked me to come along to their hall and assist them in gaining their Recycling¬†¬†Merit Badge.¬† I gave a demonstration on making some simple Christmas decorations¬†using all recycled materials.¬† We used items such as cans, toilet roll tubes,… Continue reading Christmas crafts with the Brownies using Recycled Materials.


Pretty Seed Packets and a Quotes Chalk Board

My Mom¬†loves growing flowers from seeds.¬†Every year¬†she likes to collect seeds from some of the plants¬†in the¬†garden to regrow the next year. The nasturtium plants in our¬† garden grew from a seed¬†my brother originally planted in Montessori School when he was four, now he’s twenty! She¬†collects seeds on a¬†dry¬†day and stores them in brown¬†paper bags.¬†This… Continue reading Pretty Seed Packets and a Quotes Chalk Board


Paris themed Party

For a birthday I decided to have a Paris themed Tea Party. My room is french themed with furniture inspired from the time of Louis Phillipe. I thought I’d like to recreate that theme.¬†For my party I wanted to incorporate as much french detail as possible, which meant doing a lot of work and planning… Continue reading Paris themed Party


Adult Colouring

As a small child I have always loved colouring. I enjoyed experimenting with bright colours and trying to stay inside the lines! Colouring is a fantastic way to be creative and show your artistic side. My Aunt recently gave me a gift of the Millie Marotta’s Adult colouring books. The three colouring books she gave… Continue reading Adult Colouring


DIY Flower Jars

We have a new little puppy who is having a great time jumping in and out of our flowers. I found some broken flowers which were too small for a large vase. We had no small vase so I remembered a simple craft I had seen for decorating jars with reinforcement stickers and nail varnish.… Continue reading DIY Flower Jars