Back to school – Stationary

Back to school is just around the corner something I really dread to think of. It’s time to get books, uniforms and of course stationary all organized for September, or August really!! I love being organized so I like to have my bag and stationary ready. As it’s nearly time to make that reluctant walk… Continue reading Back to school – Stationary


Skincare with NUXE

NUXE I think skincare is very important especially when we are entering our teenage years. When I became a teenager, Maureen from Pharmacy First Plus Glanmire very kindly advised and introduced me to the NUXE skincare range. Today my younger sister Faye who will be a teenager soon had her turn to be introduced to… Continue reading Skincare with NUXE


Conor McGregor – Win or Learn by John Kavanagh

One for the Bookshelf My brother  is a  big fan of Conor McGregor the Irish UFC fighter. He talks about him a lot and I can see that McGregor has had a huge influence on young people.  My brother says that Conor’s attitude to believing in yourself, working and training hard all pays off.  He… Continue reading Conor McGregor – Win or Learn by John Kavanagh